The Action Deck!

SolRei: The Grand 52 utilizes a unique card battle system where instead of taking turns, all Players are simultaneously engaged in rounds using the Action Deck to make their Muses battle!

The Action Deck is a deck of ordinary Playing cards (Jokers removed). Players place down cards from their hand and try to play the card with the highest number, or Power. They can use powerful Arts and Abilities of their Muse to win the Round.

By winning Rounds, Players deal damage to their Rivals. If a Player recieves 7 damage, they are KO'd and the last Player standing is the winner of the Act.

The flow of battle depends largely on your strategy in how you use your Action Cards. Reading your Rivals and bluffing with the Action Cards you're given can mean the difference between victory and defeat!

To learn more about playing SolRei, visit our Rules Section!

Print and Play!

Muses and their Arts/Advantage are all in play the moment you begin the game.

SolRei is a unique card game in that you may print or even write down the proper effects of your cards and use them with very little issue! Nothing needs to be randomized other than your Action Deck, so there is no need to produce uniform cards.

For the most up-to-date database of cards available to print free of charge, check out the Card List!